Company Background


CenturiSoft is on the leading edge of development and deployment of unified communications systems to traditional Telco environments and sophisticated Voice Over IP Vendors. With over 25 years of industry expertise in the development and deployment of Voice Messaging Systems, CenturiSoft is poised to provide the next evolution of messaging. Unified Communications is key to providing additional services and value to customers and key personnel on staying ‘Connected’ to various mediums(Voice, Fax, E-mail). Without the user having to give-up the applications familiar to the user.

Many companies claim Unified Communications, but require the user to pick-up their messages via a Web Interface that may be slow or not available at times.

With the Centuri Messenger, you can use your existing E-mail applications or Web Mail and pick up your E-mail, Fax and Voice from the privacy and security of your own E-mail account. This gives businesses and individuals the flexibility of keeping their preferred E-mail addresses and optionally storing their E-mail, Fax and Voice to their own PC or PDA.

Additional enhancements also include the use of on-demand conferencing, follow-me call screening of callers and transparent forwarding of calls to ACD and UCD systems seamlessly.

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