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CenturiSoft announces today, the availability of their add-on solution ‘Digital Voice Logger’ or DVL. While many companies do voice logging of calls, CenturiSoft is the first company to record analog, digital and VoIP calls simultaneously. Most logger companies can log calls to agents using antiquated analog lines and obsolete voice cards, CenturiSoft developed the interfaces using ISDN and VoIP and record using the digital TDM or RTP audio paths directly. This eliminates noise and audio errors that are prone to traditional loggers.

Since the DVL records digitally, remote operators and stations via VoIP can be recorded. Tradional analog recorders cannot provide these capabilities due to the nature of VoIP not be analog but digital in nature.

Along with the technology of the DVL, access to the audio is available in CD/DVD, e-mail attachments and a secured web-portal access. Due to our partnership with Microsoft, we are using the new Professional Encoding Technologies(PET) that gives us 390 hours of storage on inexpensive CD-R disk. Messages are compressed with virtually no loss in audio quality to 38kBytes per minute. For more information, please contact CenturiSoft on the availability on Mitel, eON and several VoIP switches, more switches to be announced in the future.