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Professional Teledata, the manufacturer of the PInnacle TAS and call center system, will offer CenturiSoft’s voicemail and unified message system to their new and existing users effective immediately. The two systems will be fully integrated for live and standalone voicemail messaging, announcement, and message relay functions. Already installed in five bureaus, it is planned that the two products undergo progressively tighter integrations including bi-directional text/voice message tracking and notification.

PInnacle is renowned in the telemessaging industry for its unmatched flexibility and ease-of-use, and CenturiSoft has earned a reputation as the industry’s up-and-coming, most sophisticated and feature-rich voicemail system.

According to Professional Teledata’s president, Allen Kalik, “Our customers have been asking for the CenturiSoft as the number one voicemail solution in our industry. It has always been our philosophy to integrate the best products available into our system whenever possible and this was a logical move for us.” John Pope, president of CenturiSoft agrees, “I have the highest regard for the PInnacle product and their technical staff. I see a strong synergy between our companies and our products.”

Professional Teledata ( provides systems and software products for the telemessaging and call center industries. Contact Karen Black (800)344-9944 x112 for more information.